About Us

In 2010, Houston EMF Consultants LLC (“Houston EMF”) conducted its first test of electromagnetic fields (“EMFs”) at the request of a health-concious homeowner concerned about power lines near his house.  Since that first testing experience, Houston EMF has tested homes around the Houston area for magnetic fields, electric fields, high-frequency radio waves and dirty electricity and has assisted homeowners with reducing their exposure to these fields.

Houston EMF offers three phases of services.  First, Houston EMF conducts testing at your home, business or other location.  As part of the testing phase, we attempt to identify the source of each electromagnetic field and to provide basic methods of remediation for fields that test at levels generally considered by experts to be unhealthy.

Second, if electromagnetic fields are pervasive or unable to be abated with simple products or changes, we will work with worldwide experts in electromagnetic fields to develop a customized remediation plan to attempt to reduce your exposure to EMFs. The remediation plan will also include a bid on the cost of installing remediation materials in your home or business.

Third, Houston EMF will work with service providers experienced in EMF remediation to execute the remediation plan and to re-test fields to show the results.

Please take advantage of a free, no-obligation 15-minute phone consultation with one of our consultants to further discuss your concerns, our services and pricing by filling out the information on this form.  We look forward to assisting you!