What are Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)?

An electromagnetic field, or an “EMF,” consists of an energy field, invisible to the naked eye, that is produced by an electrically charged object (Source)  For purposes of our services, we divide EMFs into the following four categories: magnetic fields, electric fields, radio frequencies and dirty electricity.

  • Magnetic fields are produced when there is flow of electrical current and are typically found around power lines, electrical appliances and some home electrical wiring.
  • Electric fields exist whenever there is voltage present and are typically found around your home wiring, power/extension cords and power lines.
  • Radio frequencies are high-frequency waves that typically carry communications data and are emitted by cell phones, cell phone towers, WIFI routers and other devices involved with wireless technology.
  • Dirty electricity, also known as electromagnetic interference, consists of spikes and surges of electrical energy, or harmonics, that travel on electrical wiring and electrical fields. Dirty electricity is typically caused by anything that interrupts the flow of electricity, such as dimmer switches, solar panels and certain types of light bulbs.