What experience do you have to provide these services?

Phase 1 Services – Home EMF Testing. Our EMF testing specialists have hundreds of hours of experience in measuring EMFs with our state-of-the-art equipment. Our testing specialists also have training to understand electrical systems, electronics and appliances, all of which will impact EMF testing results. Finally, the protocol that our testing specialists follow was developed in conjunction with some of the world’s experts in EMFs.

Phase 2 Services – Construction Planning. Our construction planning services will involve developing a plan to remediate EMFs in your home either during initial construction or as part of a renovation. We will work with some of the world’s experts in EMFs to ensure that your remediation plan achieves the intended result. As part of these services, we will also provide a bid on the actual construction work. Our extensive experience in the very specialized field of EMF remediation and our years of experience with home renovations and new home construction ensure that you will get a comprehensive plan with an accurate price.

Phase 3 Services – Construction Services. We have years of experience with home renovations and remodels, including the very specialized techniques involved in remediating EMFs. This experience is important. For example, painting a room with carbon-based paint to block high frequency radio waves seems like a simple task, but it is easy to do incorrectly. If done incorrectly, this attempted remediation can be completely ineffective or even increase your EMF exposure. We also have experience in working with other experts to address concerns such as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or ensuring that the building materials used do not contain compounds harmful to human health.

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