What Health Problems are Associated with EMFs?

The biological effects described above can lead to a wide range of health problems. Below is a non-comprehensive list of some of the conditions with which EMF exposure has been associated. A separate list of conditions and explanations of scientific studies can be found by clicking here.


One study found that occupational exposure to the magnetic fields from machinery appeared to increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease (Source).  Another study has found that the magnetic field exposure from large power lines may present a similar risk (Source).


A Yale University School of Medicine study found an increase in hyperactivity among mice that were exposed to EMFs in the womb prior to birth (Source).  In part because of this study, a group of doctors and research specialists started the Baby Safe Project to encourage women to reduce their EMF exposure during pregnancy (Source)


A Harvard Medical School researcher has published a paper showing that there are parallels between the biological effects of EMF exposure and biological expressions associated with autism (Source).  As a result, she states that those with autism get worse with exposure to EMFs and that it could be concluded that EMF exposure is a contributing factor to autism (Source).  Some doctors have now implemented an EMF reduction protocol as part of autism treatment programs (Source).


It is possible that many different types of cancers could be linked to EMF exposure.  However, there have been specific studies that show possible associations with brain cancer (Source), breast cancer (Source) and childhood leukemia (Source).

Detoxification Difficulties

According to Nicolas Pineault in his book “The Non-Tin Foil Guide to EMFs: How to Fix Our Stupid Use of Technology,” some studies have suggested that exposure to EMFs could impair the function of the liver, kidneys or bladder, all of which collectively could hamper the normal detoxification process of the body. (pages 88-90, N&G Media, 2017)

Diabetes & Weight Gain/Control

Exposure to EMFs has been associated with increased blood glucose levels, which could impact the onset of diabetes and the ability to control one’s weight (Source).

Children’s Health

As described above, the major concern with children is with respect to ADHD, Autism and childhood leukemia.


Several studies have linked cell phone use and radio frequencies from sources such as WIFI routers to headaches (Source).

Heart & Cardiovascular Problems

Racing heart (Source), high blood pressure (Source) and other cardiovascular issues could be linked to EMF exposure.


Studies have indicated that EMF exposure could have a negative impact on male fertility (Source) by reducing sperm count or by damaging sperm and on female fertility (Source) by impacting hormones.

Mental Health Issues

Depression and anxiousness and other mental-health related symptoms have been associated with certain levels of exposure to EMFs (Source).

Nervous System Problems & Multiple Sclerosis

Exposure to EMFs has been associated with a negative impact on the nervous system.  For example, individuals with Multiple Sclerosis improved when their EMF exposure was reduced (Source).