Phase 3 – Remediation Construction Services

EMF Consultants will liase with its designated service providers to execute the remediation plan developed as part of our Phase 2 services.  Often, this involves installing shielding material behind dry wall, painting walls with special shielding paint, re-wiring all or part of a home and other construction projects.  Levels of EMFs will be testing again to demonstrate the degree to which EMFs were reduced.


Sample Projects:

This picture shows MC cable, which was installed to replace Romex cable to reduce electric fields throughout the home as part of an extensive renovation.  This reduced exposure to electrical fields from home wiring in this home by over 90% throughout the home.

A Houston EMF Consultants designated service provider paints a wall with carbon-based paint to reduce the level of radio frequencies in a bedroom.  The radio frequencies in this home were higher than desired due to nearby cell phone towers.  This remediation procedure reduced radio frequencies in the bedroom by over 50% (prior to any window or door treatments, which will further reduce the levels)