Phase 2 – Remediation Planning

Sometimes simple changes are not capable of reducing your exposure to EMFs, especially if the source of the EMFs at issue is outside of the home.  To address these more complicated situations, Houston EMF Consultants will work with leading experts in EMF remediation in order to develop a remediation plan and to calculate the estimated reduction of EMFs.  Since the remediation process often involves construction in a home or business to install shielding materials or make certain renovations, Houston EMF Consultants will provide a bid for the cost of the remediation project.


Sample Projects:

A homeowner engaged Houston EMF for EMF tests of the home that found elevated electrical fields and elevated radio frequencies in the home.  The homeowner was planning for an extensive renovation and wanted to take the necessary steps to reduce EMFs in the home. Houston EMF worked with national experts to develop three different options to reduce electrical fields throughout the house and exposure to radio frequencies.  Each option had a different cost and a different estimated level of reduction of the EMFs.

An EMF test of a home found elevated levels of magnetic fields in a master bedroom caused by a power line that ran approximately 10 feet from the bedroom windows.  Houston EMF worked with a national expert in EMFs to develop a remediation plan, which included a calculation of the amount of shielding material that would be required to reduce the magnetic fields, a bid for the construction required to install the shielding material and an estimated amount of the reduction in magnetic fields that the changes would possibly achieve.