Phase 1 – Testing and Basic Remediation

Are you concerned about a power line near your house?  Or, perhaps there is a cell phone tower within site of your home?  The first course of action is to measure levels of electromagnetic fields (“EMFs”) from sources inside and outside of your home. Houston EMF will visit your home or business to test levels of magnetic fields, electric fields, high frequency radio waves and dirty electricity. Houston EMF will also endeavor to find the sources of any high readings of such EMFs. You will receive a report providing data from the tests and simple changes that can be made to your home to reduce your exposure to EMFs.

As part of the Phase I services, we will recommend simple ways to reduce your exposure to EMFs.  For example, this picture shows a cover installed over a WiFi router to reduce the signal power and thus the exposure to radio frequencies/microwaves from WiFi.  The cover reduced the level of radio frequencies/microwaves in the home by approximately 30% in the vicinity of the router and by over 50% in other rooms in the house.  Note that the WiFi signal from the router on the right (from the internet service provider) was turned off.

Sample Projects:

A homeowner requested that Houston EMF test a home after the child of the homeowner began experiencing certain health/behavioral problems.  Houston EMF found that the child’s room had high levels of high-frequency radio waves and very high levels of magnetic fields — the highest readings in the house. The homeowner moved the child to a bedroom that had significantly lower EMF readings and noticed an improvement in the health/behavioral issues.  Houston EMF strongly recommends testing all bedrooms in your home so that you and your family are sleeping in the rooms with the lowest levels of EMFs.

A homeowner with various medical issues suspected that the home might be the cause of the health problems.  Whenever the homeowner left the house for long periods of time, the homeowner felt much better and certain symptoms subsided.  A doctor recommended that the homeowner look into EMFs, so the homeowner contacted Houston EMF to measure whether the home had high levels of EMFs.  Houston EMF found elevated levels of magnetic fields throughout the home caused by nearby power lines and elevated levels of dirty electricity caused by the electric grid.